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Manly & Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia - Sunday, 26 May - 1:17pm
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Beach Volleyball

Manly NSW is the birth place of beach volley ball in Australia and where Australian professional beach volleyball player Kerri Potthars honed her Gold Medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

This year 2014, Manly Beach host the the Oceania championships, the Oceania Continental Cup Olympic qualifiers and the opening round of the Australian beach volleyball tour grand slam.

The 10-day beach volleyball extravaganza will begin on November 14 with the Oceania championships, followed by the Continental Olympic qualifiers from November 17 and the first round of the Australian Grand Slam tour from November 24, 2014.

Public Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a team sport played by two separate teams, with two players,  on a sand court.  The court is divided by an overhead net. Manly Beach is a popular spot to find people playing beach volleyball. The courts are free to use for the general public, provided they are empty.

Guidelines for use of Manly Beach Volleyball Courts:

  • The courts are free of charge for the general public.
  • You may play if the court is empty
  • You may join a game courtesy of existing players


  • You may challenge a team.

How to challenge a court:

  • Challenge a court that is close to your own playing level
  • A challenge is laid by putting a standing up object by the closest net post (stick, shoe, bottle etc)
  • If there are other objects there, place your object at the end of the line.

General Beach Volley Ball rules:

  • One set of ‘point per rally’ to 21 points
  • Change sides at the end of every 7 points.
  • Winner stays on

*Volleyball balls are not supplied.

Local tournaments are organised once a month through the summer.

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