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Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has always been popular on the Northern Beaches. Hiring boards or taking lessons is very common along the beaches. Arriving in Manly by ferry you are likely to see people paddle boarding around the wharf.

Paddle boarding can be done on any body of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers and bays, if you want, you can even use a swimming pool if it's big enough! Paddle boarding is a great full body core workout and is a whole new way to experience the water. Along Manly and the Northern beaches there are many surf hire shops that allow people of all ages, skill levels, and experience to hire a board and learn. There are also many places along the beaches for lessons on how to SUP (standup paddle board).

Tips on how to paddle board:

  1. Pick the right size board for your body type: A wider and longer board is easier to use in comparison to a smaller, narrower board.
  2. Practice paddling and standing in flat water before you take on the waves.
  3. Balance on your knees before standing
  4. Hold the paddle correctly: top hand on the handle and bottom comfortably down the shaft.
  5. Change hands to avoid going in circles.
  6. Use all your strength: Make sure the head of the paddle is under the water and push with all your strength, the harder you push the faster you go!
  7. Head up! Looking to the horizon helps with your balance.
  8. Be prepared to get wet! When you fall off (and you will definitely fall off) fall away from the board. Make sure board strap is attached to your ankle.

Before you know it, you will be standing up in no time and there is even room to throw a small child or man's best friend on board.

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