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Manly & Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia - Thursday, 18 April - 11:08am
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Collins Beach, North HeadCollins Beach, North Head

Discover why snorkelling is popular along the Australian coastal line of Manly and the Northern Beaches. Did you know there are over 500 species of sea life in the harbour including sea dragons, cuttlefish, seahorses, octopus, blue swimmer crabs, pygmy leatherjackets, Port Jackson sharks, starfish, blue groper and many, many more. Join a snorkelling tour and you will discover marine species, learn the importance of Aquatic Reserves and learn about endangered species of the Northern Beaches and their critical habitats.

The entire coastline from Manly Beach to Palm Beach possesses gentle swells that are perfect for snorkelling. Pack up the kids, grab some gear from the many shops along Manly Corso and head to one of the amazing beaches.

Snorkelling Tips:

  1. Make sure your mask fits your face. Strap the mask on and breathe through your nose, the mask should then seal perfectly. If air leaks through, then so will water.
  2. Choose fins that are comfortable
  3. Keep your mask defogged; you can do this by using products made for defogging or using a small drop of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo with ocean water.
  4. Make sure to practice breathing out of the water before you do the real thing!
  5. A sharp burst of air can clear a flooded snorkel, be cautious of breathing in straight away.
  6. Know your limits and stay calm, when swimming with the aquatic wildlife the more calm you are the more you will see.

Best Snorkelling Beaches:

Clovelly Pool, Clovelly
It is a natural bay that now has concrete surrounds. At one end you have open ocean, with a shoal of boulders protecting the pool, and at the other is a sandy beach.

Shelly Beach
Bower Street, Manly
An easy beach entry makes for an effortless snorkel. During the winter months, Shelly Beach is home to a school of Dusky Whaler Sharks. They can be seen patrolling the gutter in the middle of the beach.

Collins Flat
Collins Beach Road, Manly

Manly Cove
West Esplanade, Manly

Little Manly Beach
Stuart Street, Manly

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