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Manly & Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia - Tuesday, 30 September - 8:16pm
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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a team sport played by two separate teams, with two players,  on a sand court.  The court is divided by an overhead net. Manly Beach is a popular spot to find people playing beach volleyball. The courts are free to use for the general public, provided they are empty.

Guidelines for use of Manly Beach Volleyball Courts:

  • The courts are free of charge for the general public.
  • You may play if the court is empty
  • You may join a game courtesy of existing players


  • You may challenge a team.

How to challenge a court:

  • Challenge a court that is close to your own playing level
  • A challenge is laid by putting a standing up object by the closest net post (stick, shoe, bottle etc)
  • If there are other objects there, place your object at the end of the line.

General Beach Volley Ball rules:

  • One set of ‘point per rally’ to 21 points
  • Change sides at the end of every 7 points.
  • Winner stays on

*Volleyball balls are not supplied.

Local tournaments are organised once a month through the summer.

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